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        THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS are taken from an interview between Patrick Malahide and radio host Brian Edwards on Radio New Zealand's Top o' the Morning program on February 15, 1997. These excerpts are supplied by Replay Radio, RNZ Ltd. If you would like to order a copy of this interview or other programs from National Radio, please call 
+64 4 474 1823 New Zealand (e-mail: Visit Radio New Zealand's web site at

EXCERPT 1:    Malahide discusses the choice of his stage name which was drawn
                     from Malahide Castle.  

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EXCERPT 2:    Brian Edwards invites Malahide to demonstrate the differences in accents
                     between Downpatrick and Dublin.

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EXCERPT 3:    Malahide relates his early experience as stage manager at the Byre Theatre,
                     particularly in the production of Private Lives.

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EXCERPT 4:    During the last act of Private Lives, Malahide attempted to resign from the 
                    Byre Theatre.

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EXCERPT 5:    Malahide discusses his first professional acting role and the creation 
                    of the "butler's exit."

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EXCERPT 6:    Brian Edwards asks Malahide to comment about Dennis Potter, author of 
                    The Singing Detective

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EXCERPT 7:    Malahide discusses Potter's defense of public service broadcasting
                    and the "Himalaya option."

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EXCERPT 8:    Malahide talks about his role as Reverend Casaubon in Eliot's Middlemarch.

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EXCERPT 9:    Malahide discusses his work in Hollywood following Middlemarch
                    and Inspector Alleyn.

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EXCERPT 10:   Brief remarks about the balance between acting and writing.

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